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Unfortunately I missed the boat to buy sweet potato slips and it's now too late, however, there is a sweet potato lurking at the back of my veg basket which has started sprouting. I will pop it in a big pot or half a sack of compost and see what happens, but just having red how they're sold (slips taken from cuttings) I’m not sure this is going to work, but will give it a go anyway.

Do any of you grow sweet potatoes and have any advice or suggestions about this?

Many thanks




  • Hi 2 Wheel,

    Thanks for the advice- much appreciated.

    when you say you take the slips off, does this mean you snap/ peel the sprouting bits off?

    I guess it's a bit late now, but I'll give them a bit of pretection and keep fingers crossed.


  • Treat the shoot as a cutting and keep it frost free in winter. You can put it out in the summer. I grow them for the foliage as I have had no success with the fruit. ..........I have been told that as they grow on the Equaitor they need baking soil to produce fruit.

  • Many thanks 2 Wheel & Jatnik, much welcome advice.image


  • You're very lucky 2 Wheel Gardener, you may not live on the Equator, but must do in a very warm part of the UK. Good on you.image

    I cosset my plants in the GH to get the lovely foilage I spoke of.

  • Oh dear, I've just realised that sweet potatoes are not tubers but plants. No wonder I couldn't find them in the catalogue. Although we are probably too far north to grow these I'm planning to grow a couple of plants in the poly tunnel. 

    You never stop learning. 

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