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Do You Weight Your Yields?

I'm curious if anyone else weighs their yields?

Last year was my first year growing veg and I only grew runner beans. My mum had grown them for many years and I noticed there weren't as many last year. This year we've had an abundance of rain and I can visibly see that there will be more. But I thought it would be interesting to actually make a note of the total yield, just for interests sake and to compare in future. 

This year I'm growing runner beans, french beans (climbers and dwarf), tomatoes, and beetroot. A week ago the first french beans were ready for picking. After picking them I just weighed them on the digital kitchen scales and made a note of the date and weight on a piece of A4. I'll probably put these on an excel spreadsheet later on for safe keeping and to compare next year. In one week I have surpassed 1kg, which is nice. 

I've watched quite a few of Charles Dowding videos on YouTube and he always mentions his yields, which is probably why I'm doing it too. I'm sure many of you know of him. He does experiments, such as dig vs. no dig. I'm growing two different varieties of runner beans so did think of measuring them separately, but I think I'll keep it simple and stick with overall weight. Maybe next year!

It's only been a week, but I think I'll persist. Although the other day I was picking the french beans and our friendly neighbour (also a veg grower) was there and I gave him a bunch of beans. He ate one there and then. I then remembered about weighing them and had to ask for them back! I said "I'll give them to you later". I even measured a single bean (3g) to account for the one that he ate. So it does have its drawbacks.

Anyway, I'd be interested to know if anyone else measures their crop or whether you think it's a bit over the top / or pointless. 


  • NollieNollie Posts: 6,734
    No, but I do seem to be yielding to the weight  :D
    Mountainous Northern Catalunya, Spain. Hot summers, cold winters.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 4,689
    I do keep a record but more numbers than weight ( except I'm weighing the potatoes) its covering costs of production I'm more interested in. So its 6 in a pack of tomatoes or two little jem lettuce or 16 cherry tomatoes in a tub, that way I'm able to work out if it's been a productive year cost wise. The fact that they are better than shop bought taste wise is a bonus.😁
  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,278
    Yes, I do this to compare new varieties or different growing methods. But not for everything every time.
  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,613
    Generally I weigh crops which are harvested en masse so to speak such as maincrop potatoes, I don't weigh early potatoes which are dug as and when they are needed, gooseberries get weighed but Autumn raspberries don't. Hardly scientific but at least I know that I planted 4 Kg of Desiree potatoes last year and harvested 44 lbs I think it was I don't have the diary to hand, whereas the year before I sowed 2 Kg and harvested 38 lbs so last years weather lowered yield which I knew would be the case anyway. Weighing everything may give you an insight into how growing conditions affect different years crops so it might be good to make notes of growing conditions too, good luck.
  • bookmonsterbookmonster Posts: 399
    I've just started recording dates and weights, as much for the dates so I have an idea of timing next year. I record first and last harvest and total weight
  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,615
    I record everything BUT I don't bother about things that are eaten in the garden, as I assume that "losses" that way will be similar in most years!
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