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Potatoes and which veg in grow bags

Hi guys. New to the forum and new to gardening. Just moved into my 1st ever house that has a back garden. I wanna start growing potatoes and I've acquired a "potato grow bag".

Is it ok to plant seeded potatoes at this time of year in time for winter?

What other veg could I plant which is good for autumn and winter?

I am completely new to gardening and all advice is greatfully recieved.




  • office641office641 Posts: 4
    You can sow carrots into August.  We grow them in the white polystyrene boxes that you get from greengrocers - used to transport Broccoli in.  Just put drainage holes in the bottom of the box with something like a pencil, then fill with growing medium.  The good thing is that as long as you can pick up the filled box, you can move it around eg put it in the shade in hot weather. The carrots grow particulary straight and true! Here's some we picked today.
  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    Winter salad, pak choi, things like that do fine into the cold weather.
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