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Evergreen climbers / full sun / container - recommendations!

Hello, I'm looking for plant recommendations. I have a small courtyard container garden in London, south facing. I'm giving away a climbing hydrangea which is not thriving in a container and will have a space opening up along a privacy trellis which is used to screen off the seating corner of the garden, so I'm looking for a climber to fill the gap.

I've currently got a star jasmine and a couple of clematis in similar positions and they are going great guns, so more of the same is always an option, but I wondered if there were any other nice options I've not considered.

Must be full sun / container happy - ideally evergreen as well although that's a nice to have.

I'm not too fussed about dramatic flowers here, good foliage coverage during spring and summer is a bigger consideration.

Wondered if anyone had any thoughts on what might be good?


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531
    How about a winter jasmine? 
  • Sollya heterophylla, the bluebell creeper, is an alternative. It may need protection in the winter.
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  • ThankthecatThankthecat Posts: 421
    Just found this and I have to ask - if you've got evergreen clematis growing happily in a container in full sun, please can you tell me what varieties they are? I've killed two that I planted last year and had thought that really clematis just aren't the right plants for this position with their roots up in a pot but maybe I was just unlucky! 
  • Hi @Thankthecat - I'm growing Clematis Armandii. I've been quite careful to keep the roots cool with really large deep containers and using other plants as cover - for example one of them is in a large trough planter and I've got a couple of different mints growing freely all over the surface of the planter.

    That said, I'm still hoping next year to do a bit of landscaping though and take up the paving in order to put the climbers in the ground. I suspect with another year's growth I won't be able to find pots which are practically large enough.

    I've also done really well with Akebia quinata in a pot - again, large planter with some surface cover. That one is running away this spring.
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