Bargain basement plants

A couple of months ago I picked up 2 sorry looking bougainvillea for £5 at Homebase. They had some insipid looking flowers on them but I thought 2 for a fiver must be worth the risk. I re-potted them and gave them both a good dead heading and now the stronger one is going great guns. 

Who else has bought an almost dead plant and managed to bring it back to life? Would love to see pics :)


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    I bought an almost dead Sanseveria at Walmart 3 years ago on a clearance rack.  It looks like this now: 
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  • It's so satisfying rejuvenating almost dead plants. I also have a couple of azaleas that I rescued and a hardy fuschia that was little more than crispy leaves - I always look out for the 'reduced' plants now.
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    As I know she’s likely to be busy this morning I’ll link to this thread for @WonkyWomble who is a great rescuer

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    I love a bargain basement plant!
    Two bargains for me today - £1.35 each. "Geranium white to pink" which I suspect is a pelargonium? There are 3 distinct stems - if I divide this plant into 3 and keep it indoors over winter can I expect 3 healthy new plants to put out in spring? Probably easier to keep it indoors as it is then split in the spring.
    Second bargain is this Spirea Anthony Waterer - seems to have a weird white fungus coating on the leaves. Hopefully it'll be ok after a trim and put into a nice spot for the rest of the year.
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    Bargain £1 down from £10, this lovely Convolvulus cneorum, or "silver bindweed" as it says on the pot. A bit crunchy and brown from the base until about halfway up, then you've got all that lovely silky smooth new foliage. I hope it'll grow back when I chop it right down to base.

    @deltaflyer235 This one is a before/after of a clematis hagley hybrid £1.99, which I should never have bought, considering the state it was in! From 9cm pot to a 1L in a few months. I'm struggling to find somewhere in the ground and already the roots are out the bottom of the pot, impatient to find a new home.

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    I definitely love bargains! A climbing rose for £3! Not worthy enough to post in the rose thread eh @Marlorena but next year it’ll be back to full health and hopefully climbing up my trellis!

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    Wow that is a bargain! Love an impulse buy bargain
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    It's just the right timing when I was considering paying full price for a bare root climbing rose. I only went out for compost but walked away with this plant and had to go back in to pick up the compost! Thankfully only from the car park.
    There were 2 of them, one of which had a really impressive healthy stem and fresh new growth, but all the other stems from the main stem were dead. The one that I picked didn't have any impressive stems or new growth, but several healthy stems which I expect to be a healthier plant by next summer.
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    I look forward to seeing next years pics of it  :)  really enjoyed my garden more than ever this year and really enjoyed picking up a lot of bargains that have turned out to be beautiful. Only lost one "bargain" fuchsia that was reduced to 50p so was worth the gamble. 
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    Yeah it's mostly dry and crispy at the moment but it's had a good water and once it gets in the ground it'll settle in for next year.
    They also had a half-dead anemone which wasn't in the reduced section so I moved it there in the hope that it'll be marked down when I next go back! I do want an anemone so if I can avoid paying full price that'd be great. I also saw a beautiful looking alstroemeria but at £10 full price I just couldn't.
    Looks like the spirea I got has powdery mildew which I'm hoping it will recover from.

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