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Climbing roses

colwilt52colwilt52 Posts: 1
Hi I put a rose arch in my garden a few years ago This year i have had a lot of leaf rust which has spread right over the whole arch. Will the roses recover? I assume best way to treat is to pick up as many dead leaves as possible and make sure base of rose is well mulched. Is the arch too dense? and should i have shaped it better? I have enclosed phots for you to look at. The roses are all David Austin which i thought would be very resistant to disease.  


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    I'm afraid the photos do not show too much of the arch. But you sound like you know how to limit the spread. Your rose should be fine. But it's more important to water them in the evenings or early mornings at this time of year, particularly young newly planted roses. Always make sure the base is well mulched with rotted manure at least once a year and cleared of weeds.

    Roses that grow through an arch should not be too vigorous and fast growing. If you know the name of the rose,  it will help others to give you more advice.
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