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Roses from cuttings.

dpatel2130dpatel2130 Posts: 198
I have these roses plants growing from cuttings. Cuttings I put in pot about three weeks ago. I need advice how to look after them and when to put in ground, feeding, watering, etc. 


  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    edited July 2019
    When I do rose cuttings I plant them in a shady part of the garden, water as needed and almost forget about them until next year! Yours look as though they are indoors and will get weak and leggy if they are drawn to the light. I can't remember ever feeding them until well established. 
  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    I agree with Joy*. I propagate lots of roses in pots, just find a shady place for your pot to go but also where the rain will be able to get to it. The one thing you dont want is for it to dry out. When I take my cuttings I scrape about an inch of the outer stem off but not cutting into it from the base that is to be planted then dip it in rooting powder. Once they have taken which will take about a year or when you can see the roots coming out of the bottom of the pot you can pot them on. For the first year I cut off all flower buds to enable the plant to build it strength. 
  • I do the same as above, pick a shady spot in garden - dig a trench approx 6 inches deep line it with some gritty gravel, add compost, make a slit, prune established rose bush (or any other woody plant like ceanothus, hedging plants, bushes etc) in Autumn, push cuttings into trench, water well and leave over winter.  By the following Spring the cuttings should have rooted in the trench, so I then pot them up or plant out in the garden.  When they are potted or planted out I tend them - watering and feeding well during dry spells.  I get 50 - 80% success for very little cost to me.
  • dpatel2130dpatel2130 Posts: 198
    @Joy* yes, they are indoors but no direct sun. If I leave pot under tree or cut down light, will it stop getting leggy and weak? Thank you for advice. Also thanks to @NannaBoo and @Guernsey Donkey2 for guidance. 
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    edited July 2019
    I wouldn't necessarily put it near a tree trunk as it wouldn't get any rain. They will do better in a shady corner possibly in a north facing part of your garden. Look for somewhere which is damp longest during the day, that's the shadiest area. They will love the current weather provided they are never allowed to dry out. 
  • I agree @Joy*  all cuttings need light, and some shade too, but not too hot either.  A north facing part of your garden would be ideal @dpatel2130 for them.
  • dpatel2130dpatel2130 Posts: 198
    @Joy*, @guernsey donkey. Thank you. I will definitely move them outdoors in shade, will they be OK in this heatwave? It is north facing wall so shade almost all the time. Will water them everyday. Is there anything else I can do to succeed? All advice and guidance is valuable and greatly appreciated. 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,151
    Watering every day shouldn’t be necessary ... just ensure the soil is damp but not soggy. 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • dpatel2130dpatel2130 Posts: 198
    @Dovefromabove, Thank you. I will remember that soil damp not soggy.
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