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Space under the shed...and the screening!



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    New.Garden2019, Just had another look a the photo's, you wouldn't be able to cement all the way round so it wouldn't stop anything nesting there. If it's your fence and you don't want to upset you neighbours why not put up a trellis all round and then you could grown plants up both the fence and trellis giving you privacy from the house or flats over the back and down the side by the shed. By putting up a new fence it would be to the advantage of you neighbour has she said what will happen in the even that it completely falls down. If they have big shrubs over their side you could tell them that it needs to be replaced before it falls down, it already looks as if the bottom it starting to break up. I have the opposite to you my neighbours are slowly breaking my fence up and asking me to replace it, I've told them when I do I'll replace it with a chain link fence that stopped them. They also  didn't want a trellis but as it's my fence I went ahead and put up a trellis and have a lovely scented honeysuckle growing up it which has a two fold effect one it's pretty two they can't climb up and look into my garden.
  • The concrete fence (with fence panels) behind the shed is new :-) @madpenguin
    It belongs to the neighbours behind our garden but we replaced it at our cost just last week- just as wanted our garden to look nice.  If only you saw the before.  We just got the garden done so it won't be any time soon that we have ££ for a concrete base.

    The fence on the left - neighbours are being difficult and coming out with all sort of excuses (boundary issues etc - even though the fence has been there for 10+ years) even though it is broken and said we should build another fence alongside it - but we have no space with the shed.  So we decided to let it ride out their difficult-ness and find a way of making it look 'nicer' in the meantime. 
  • @NannaBoo - At 1pm we had agreed with the neighbours that we would have the fence replaced the following day - as it was our fence and broken (they stated this also) and instructioned the Gardeners.

    At 745pm, the neighbours came round with all sorts of boundary issues and how we should build a new fence on our boundary.  Apparently our extension, our driveway, probably even our house if they had it their way  Even though some 10+ years earlier, they showed the deeds to my father in law and said it was his fence to replace asap (it was broken).  We had to decide very quickly as we didn't want to lose any money through new fencing brought - but if I hadn't got so stressed with them, I would have told them where to go and that we would be replacing the fence!  The extension etc have been there for 30+ years so I know there could be no dispute now! But that is whole different thread.  The next morning of course, saw that they have all sorts of things resting alongside the fence...and once the garden works had been completed, we saw how worn down the fences actually are. Very depressing to have neighbours like this!
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    They really can't stop you replacing your fence. The only difficulty I can see would be replacing it behind the fence. If you put another fence this side of your fence you will be giving them some of your land albeit not very much but is that what the are wanting. If you really don't want to upset them then I'd paint it, put up a trellis and grown something you like. 
  • Yes @NannaBoo - you got in one! They wanted us to build a new fence more on our side and then they would claim that land.  No way Jose!  Am thinking trellis but even then thinking hope the fence doesn't fall down when I put it up!
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    My first impression on looking at the photos is that it's not as bad l was expecting!  Nannaboo is right about the base (although maybe it's a route for hedgehogs to get through !).
    I would say that painting it black would make it "disappear" although you may find with the dark shed it looks a bit depressing. If you don't want to fit trellis to it and grow plants up it, you could consider lifting the turf up to the paving stones and turning it into a flower bed.
    Liriodendron's comments about the wiring are a very good point, apart from anything else, if (when) the fence does give up the ghost,  you could have a real problem. 
    Regarding the shed base, l am a bit stumped. As has said you can get rats living under a shed, especially if there are any other foodstuffs being kept in there, but hedgehogs can make their home there too.
    If you use something like skirting board (which l have seen done) , it could cause a problem with damp. If you have any of the paint used for the shed, you could try painting the sides of the paving stones that you can see which would make them disappear into the darker background. 

    Edited to add,  l have just seen your posts above.  They are certainly trying it on !
    Nothing worse than falling out with the neighbours, l would just smile politely when you see them and wish them Good morning or whatever.  Nothing annoys people more than seeing that their stirring is not provoking a reaction :) .

  • TheveggardenerTheveggardener Posts: 1,057
    We have just put up a greenhouse the same size as the old shed and in the same place. Son was in the garden yesterday and hear the woman say to her husband I'm not having that she can take it down. Last year they burn holes in a plastic shed we had along the fence which resulted in us deciding to have a glass greenhouse in place of the shed which they stood on when cutting back their tree by doing this the roof cracked. I had to replace the roof felt and one section of the roof wood. When the garden floods they come round and blame us, telling me to sort my gutters out there's nothing wrong with our gutters. The fact that we live on a hill and the water runs down from garden to garden doesn't seem to matter they just have to blame us. Some people just want their gardens they way they want them and don't care about others. One family over the back to us have a great big conifer which is growing over our side and has broken down our fence they also have Russian vine, passion flower and ivy all growing over our side of the fence and into out fruit patch. The other family don't do anything to their garden but let brambles and bindweed which is growing all over our veg patch. What I'm really saying it we have to do in our garden's what we want and not be ruled by those around us but of course to a degree be considerate. 
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