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Help pruning climbing roses

Hi all

This is my first post here! I am looking for some advice on how to care for my climbing roses. This year I invested a bit more time in them and I am happy with the results. Two of those plants are my local garden centre's brand - the other two are David Austin. I can see the David Austin make much smaller and flexible branches while the other two plans have recently grown some very big and stiff branches which I am not sure what to do with.

Please see the pics attached, is there anybody that could help me on this? Thank you for your help!!


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    You have done a good job already, Although I would recommend you plant your roses a bit further out to allow space for the roots to grow.

    The rose in your photo might be too vigorously for the low wall you are trying to train them on. Do you know the name of it? Might help others in giving you more helpful advice.
  • Hi Borderline

    Thanks for your nice words, I'm just a learner!
    I searched years of pictures but I couldn't find anything about the name of those roses. I do remember two were David Austin, the other two - the most vigorous - were from Wayevale Garden Centre (now Dobbie's).

    And yes, I recently learnt that plants cannot be put very close to a wall. Next time! :)

    Thank you!
  • Any help on my roses? What shall I do to those big and long branches?

  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,913
    @antonio.marcheselli have several choices what to do there... you can attempt to train the canes more diagonally by bending them towards the horizontal, like you've done with all the others, but this involves some risk of snapping the canes they have become too stiff..

    ..alternatively, you already have a good framework, you could afford to shorten those long canes by half, and any further new growth would then be easier to train across the wall before it goes upwards again.. could also prune them out completely,  you don't have to keep every cane that it throws up..

    East Anglia, England
  • Thanks Marlorena

    i tried training the long one to a horizontal wire and it was better than I was expecting. I cut the other big one as it was coming out too much!
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