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Is a bug causing this?

peteski2011peteski2011 Posts: 67
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Hi all

Have just noticed this evening that our honeysuckle (Cream Cascade) leaves appear to be suffering from what I can only describe as a crinkling at the tips. Pics attached. It seems to be the newer growth getting the worst of it and there seems to be an odd brownish crust to the edge at the site of the curling which I tried to show in the final pic. Is a bug causing this? 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    That looks like damage done when the leaves were just emerging.  Slugs and smails nibbling the tips and then moving on is one possibility as is a mildew infection which the plant has since shrugged off.
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  • Funnily enough @BobTheGardener we’ve been fighting a mildew infection almost since day 1. It’s been treated more than once for mildew and the leaves further down have basically fallen away. The mildew has creeped slowly up the plant and for the life of us we cannot seem to fully get on top of it. We’ve tried watering more thoroughly but it hasn’t done much. 
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