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Sobaria Shrub with leaf problem

Hi all, hope the weather is not too hot for you guys. 
I have this Sobaria (False Spirea) plant growing in a container on my patio in partial shade but the leaves are turning brown and brittle. It gets watered once a week and the soil is damp to the touch. Yes i know the suckers should be removed but at this point in time i just want to leave them as they are and see if they creat a more interesting plant shape when grown.

Could someone comment on the photos and the brown leaves please i'm stumped.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391
    Because Sorbaria are known to be invasive via their spreading and suckering root system, this one is restricted by the pot so may be a case of 'self pruning' where the main tree is taking up all available root space and water so the sucker can't grow enough roots to support itself and dies off.  If that's the case there is nothing you can do other than remove it.  If disease is suspected instead then you could simply prune the dying part off, making sure you cut well back into healthy wood.
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  • doushkajsdoushkajs Posts: 54
    Just to be clear BobTheGardener, the affected leaves you see are part of the main plant i don't think they  are a sucker. Probably your suggestion is still sound though eh!.
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