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Scarify or level my lawn?

Hello, everyone, I need you GW knowledge because I have none!

My Lawn is lumpy, it was a new build and the ground hadn't settled when the lawn went in, it's been 3 years now and I want to level it out now however it is also heavily thatched with moss and other weeds, I have read that I cannot scarify the lawn over the summer months and am to wait until the Autumn to do so, should I get to work on leveling the lawn now and then Scrarify in the Autumn or should I scarify in the Autumn but wait to level the lawn next year, I'm worried that if I level the lawn with the thatch in it might make it worse somehow or prevent me from scarifying until next year.

Thanks in advance,



  • dbodedbode Posts: 2
    This is the only picture that I have to hand of the lawn

  • glasgowdanglasgowdan Posts: 632
    How good do you want it to be? There's a cost/quality relationship with decreasing returns. 

    How big is it? 

    If you do a hard scarify, then bring in a fair few tons of topsoil to dress it with, apply lots of fresh seed, then spend next season cutting it with a heavy roller mower it'll be much better. 
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