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Which plant in a pot 24 inches tall x 21 inches wide?

I have a huge pot with at present an Olive tree in it.  I am going to remove this tree in the autumn and replace it with something that is (hopefully) ever green or at least that is attractive to bees/butterflies. Possibly a shrub of some time.  Can anyone recommend a good plant for this pot please? The Olive tree barely fruits and the olives are rock hard, also the Olive tree is too tall so at eye level I am looking at a bare trunk - the greenery is too high to enjoy. The pot is in a sheltered walled in patio so very hot in the summer, and the wall behind faces West. The  Thanks.


  • HelixHelix Posts: 631
    What about this hebe?

    I’ve also always fancied growing a tea tree plant (manuka honey) but don’t have the sheltered conditions for it.  But could work for you?   
  • mikeymustardmikeymustard Posts: 495
    Peach? Lemon? Etc. Seems like a perfect exotic (but not too exotic) soft fruit spot
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    I too would try a citrus.  They're more hardy than people think and provided that they have a bit of shelter from severe frost and are reasonably well grown when they have their first winter, are ok. The flowers are really scented and the fruit a bit of a novelty.  I'm sure that a good garden centre would advise. We have managed lemons which have been usable. Picking your own lemon for a G&T in North Lincolnshire, fab u lous!
  • Why not have a standard Cotoneaster. It is ideally suited to a large container. Evergreen, hardy, flowers attract bees and butterfiles in Spring and Summer, following berries attract the birds. Very easy to maintain.
    Varieties include; C. Juliette (a variegated form), C. Sal Repens, C. Hybridus Pendulus
    The link I've attached is for wholesale only, but will give you an idea of the plants mentioned.
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  • You have all come up with some interesting plants and it would be difficult to select from the Cotoneaster or the Hebe tbh.  The citrus would be lovely, but as my energy levels are declining a plant with less upkeep appeals more so.  Both the Hebe and Cotoneaster are attractive to birds/bees etc. so I think they would be my first choices. Thank you for your suggestions.
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