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Growing Veg in a trough planter

I've been trying to grow veg for 2 years now (am a complete novice) in a waist height trough planter. I have tried garlic, spring onions and leeks. The problem I seem to face is that the veg grow to a certain size and then seem to stop. I've just lifted my garlic (planted in Oct last year) and all the heads were about the size of a 2 pence piece.

I am starting to wonder whether the growing medium is the problem. I have a mixture of multi-purpose compost and top soil (I haven't added anything to it). Could someone advise me what I need to grow in as I am getting to the point where I am not able to grow anything.

Many thanks.


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,682
    You might need to water more and you certainly need to add some nutrients if it has been the same soil for 2 years.
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    Garlic often only grows a single bulb the first year, so try planting the small bulbs again and see what happens.  Is the soil waist deep? I have a waist high trough planter which is about a foot deep.  It is new and hasn't been used yet. If your garden soil is poor,  I would be inclined to use less of it. You will have to water sufficiently and feed.
  • I have two of these trough. one small one for strawberries and the larger one for veg, attach photos, but these were taken some time ago, I find growing root veg is not good in a trough, I have manage beetroot and radish and spring onions, but carrot and anything else not good, but have manage sugar snap peas, with support, all kind of lettuce and spinach kale,
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