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Wild flower and wildlife garden "design"

Will be moving up to Cambridgeshire soon and looking to make at least some of our new garden into a wild flower and wildlife garden.
The area we are looking at has a mixture of sun and shade with the shade extending across in the afternoon as the sun moves further behind a large tree.
Do we need any specific wild plants that will accept this change in sun, and will we need to feed the soil closer to the tree in order to give the necessary nutrients to grow in this area?
Thanks in advance, Martin

ps, my questions are all very simple, as this is really my first dalliance into gardening.  ;)


  • Hi Martin @cypry welcome to the forum.  I admire your idea to turn part of your garden into a wildlife sanctuary. Wildflowers grow in poor soil so no feed or nutrients are necessary.  Wildflowers survive in the hedgerows, in walls etc. where the soil is very thin and poor.  Personally I wouldn't be concerned about the sun or shade as many wf grow under trees in woods.  Posting a picture of our small wild flower bank using my home grown plug plants and our field which was mechanically sown with native wild flower seeds, both are attracting plenty of birds, insects and interest and we think look lovely too.
  • cyprycypry Posts: 21
    Would love our little strips to look anything like either of those...  <3

  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,145
    @Guernsey Donkey2. That is so beautiful, both places. 
    I should do something like that. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Guernsey Donkey2Guernsey Donkey2 Posts: 6,713
    edited July 2019
    Thank you @Lyn and @cypry The top picture cost us nothing really, just some wild flower seed mostly collected on country walks or what we had growing around our garden, some poor unfertilized soil and some 3" pots and plenty of time, graft and planning.  The bottom picture is our field so we got a company in to scarify, sow seed, roll soil perhaps not in that order but it took them a couple of hours and cost around £400, well worth the outlay we feel for the sheer enjoyment to us and wildlife.
  • Guernsey Donkey that looks amazing! What a treat for all the wildlife that lives there.
  • Thank you @Groove_shysta .  We have noticed that our bird seed feeders are hardly being touched - there are flocks of between 30 - 50 goldfinches eating the wild flower and grass seeds in the field, and plenty of sparrows too - it is very satisfying to watch them enjoying their "fresh" food.
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