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1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568
anyone growing atropurpurea?  I have punctata which is reliable, apparently slug proof but also a bit thuggish.

does atropupurea share the same characteristics?  I’m thinking of adding some in a purple/pink colour scheme


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    I don't like the yellow of the punctata form and found the atropurpurea far too invasive and none too pretty either.

    However, I did really like this form - which can spread when happy but is easier to control and the flowers are more interesting.   There's also a form called Beuajolais for which I have seeds but am told it's short lived and not too vigorous.  
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  • 1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568

    I’ve grown to like punctata.  It’s a super vibrant colour so I keep it in the background with some softer pinks in the foreground and the combination works really well.  It also romps away in some very wet, shady areas with no interference from slugs.

    The Beaujolais option was the one I was looking at.  The flowers seem to have a very different form to punctata which makes it interesting.  Strange that it would be short lived considering how vigorous punctata is
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