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'summer flowering' cyclamen

RosemarySRosemaryS Posts: 13
I have a few pots of beautiful cyclamen, which live in an unheated conservatory during the winter months.  The temperature and conditions seem to be just right for them to continue to flower for a long time.
Once they have finished, I put them (in their pots) outside for the summer.  They are at the edge of the garden where it is in shade and coolness, due to a neighbour's overhanging conifer tree.  They usually rest until the autumn, when sometimes, but not always, I repot them and then bring them indoors again. 
However, this year, two of the plants seem reluctant to die back and in fact have now produced flowers!
Could this be due to the changeable weather so far this year?  It has never happened before.
I now wonder if they will flower yet again over the winter.....
Has anyone got any suggestions?  Has this happened to anyone else?


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