My garden has a lovely view, how can I include this in the garden planting to enhance the both the view and garden. I have a very long bed bordering on the view. Any ideas will be most appreciated. Many thanks.


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    Would it be possible to post a picture as it would help posters for offering you advice.
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    Yes please, a photo, also information about the direction it faces and the soil type would help as well.
  • Please can you advise me how to put pictures on? thank you, for coming back to me.
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    Click on the little symbol that looks light a mountain at the top of the posting box, follow instructions from there. If the photo is to big for the site you will need to reduce it a bit. 
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    Have a look at this, hopefully it will have the info you need  :)
  • I think I did it thank you! The view is south west facing. Gets first sun in the morning and late afternoon. The soil is Alkaline and good drainage, we took out big shrubs blocking the view last year. we put in lots of compost and good  soil  but living in Wales, we do get a lot of slate in the ground.I have at the moment, got foxgloves, Hollyhocks, Oriental poppies, Rudebeckia, Penstemon, Canterbury bells, also, Dahlias which are not very big yet and Bearded Iris which were new in last October but haven't flowered at all. I am still not too happy with it though. Any advice? or should I leave it alone? Many thanks for your advice.
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    Is it just that little patch you want to rejuvenate? 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Hello, the 3 pictures  make up a bed of 16 metres long by 2 metres wide. SORRY,  the middle picture is the END bit, I put it in the wrong place.  I would like to somehow graduate the bed to take the eye up into the view and wondered what plants to use. Preferably Perennials. The large pine tree is in the middle of the view but in the field not the garden. The rest of the garden I have turned into a Cottage garden but I'm not sure this suits the long bed. It seems to take away from the view. Thanks for trying to help.
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    Your view provides a calm green backdrop. To get the effect you want you need to use shape to guide the eye and frame the view and colour to add contrast and interest.
    Taller plants or shrubs at the ends, maybe a height variation in the middle too. Perhaps a standard tree or shrub at the ends to echo the shape of the distant trees.

    I think the reason you find the border detracts from the view is that there are currently too many different colours and plants.
    You could try a more limited colour scheme: easy ones are blues, yellows and white, perhaps extended to include purples and/or pink or, for more excitement, reds, yellows and oranges. You can repeat the same colours using different plants, or use the same plant in different colours, but also repeat the same plant at strategic points along the border to set up a rhythm that will guide the eye, but in a less frenzied way.
    Don't forget foliage: using silver, grey or dark foliage will give different effects with your other colours                                                                  

    You could also use the green background to showcase some of your plants, particularly tall spires ( hollyhock, delphinium, verbascum) or other tall plants maybe, such as bronze fennel or dark angelica, or the pale yellow giant scabious.
    The challenge comes in finding the right plants in the right colours to suit your soil and aspect, and then find more like them that flower earlier or later to extend the season. It can become an absorbing exercise that makes gardening such a rewarding activity...
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