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Plum tree (young) suddenly dying - help please?


We’ve been Growing a young plum tree in a large pot for about 4 months and all was well. It even ad 3 plums which we didn’t expect in such a young tree.

However, suddenly in the last 2 weeks it’s leaves have been turning brown a# if it’s dying.  There is fresh green growth at the base.

We’ve not let it dry out and haven’t over watered it either. It was in a sunny part of the garden, which it seemed to thrive in, but we’ve now tried moving in to a more shady area in the hope it may recover.

Stumped and and would appreciate any advice please. Thank you in advance.

Please see pictures (excuse the cat!)


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,516
    It may have got too hot in the sun. It can be advantageous to keep planters in semi shade so that the plants don't "cook". Fierce sunshine can shrivel the leaves and in a planter, the roots will also get too hot if they are exposed to relentless sunshine.
    The new growth from the base may be coming from the rootstock which will not be the same variety as the top, fruit producing growth. If this is the case, get rid of the new growth.
    All you can do is keep your fingers crossed that the plant hasn't been damaged too much. It could recover but be prepared to be disappointed.

    Love the cat.
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