Raspberry Ruby Beauty

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I bought raspberry Ruby Beauty last autumn from Thompson and Morgan (I have three in a very large pot). These are described as a dwarf (compact, patio) variety with canes under 1 meter, multibranching and thornless. They are summer fruiting on previous year growth so if I understand this correctly, they won't fruit this year.
But they either aren't as described or they are not Ruby Beauty. My plants are growing long canes, the longest one is over 2m (several shorter ones are around 1m). They are not too branching. And they are extremely thorny.
I tried to train them to contain them close to the planter but it resulted in several broken canes and my hands full of thorns (gloves don't help much). Do you think I should cut the canes back a bit to force them into branching? Anyone here growing this variety who could advise if I have the correct plants or something else?


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    Raspberry canes don’t usually branch a lot in their first year. 
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    I would contact T&M in the hope of getting them replaced. From my experience and reading several post here, they are not very good at their job and customer service isn't much cop either. However, if you don't ask you don't get. It does sound as though you haven't received what you ordered. 
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    I was just talking about these on my allotment thread...yours don't sound right at all

    I've had 3 in the ground for at least two years, they are compact, no mad long canes, maybe 12-18 inches high.

    Editing to add a photo when purchased in Oct 2017, as sale price potted plants at end of season from B&Q, they aren't much bigger now but bushier I think. Hope that helps confirm if you have the correct plants.

  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 448
    Thank you @Victoria Sponge, that helps. Are yours thornless? @Joy* You are probably right and I will try that.
  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 2,774
    I've never noticed any thorns but that's not to say there aren't any, @edhelka, I will check next time I go up. I remember cutting the old twigs out (not really canes) and don't recall any issues.

    I have the time frame wrong if the photo is when I planted, perhaps I have had them less time than I thought. I know they fruited well last year, more than my other young raspberries.
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    @edhelka I have one in a pot and it’s definitely under 1 meter, bushier, with no thorns. Plus mine has some fruits now and it was planted early spring but bought around Christmas in a 2l pot. Will send a pic tomorrow. 
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    I also have 3 of these from the same supplier. This is their second year and they are approx 18 x 18 inches each. We have had about 2 lbs of raspberries from each bush. I fed them with tomato feed. In September I'll have to cut them back and re-pot. Looks like I was one of the few lucky ones. 
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