Planting small birch trees in a small garden (by a wall and each other)


I am considering the purchase of 2 small, half standard birches, a snow queen birch and Tibetan Bark Cherry (final height, 7 and 5m I believe). 

I have a pretty small (approx. 10m x 5m) south-east facing garden, and can only place them at the rear, right-hand corner (between a wall and fence), so the light will come from the east.

Are they suitable to plant in that location/size of garden?

How far from a boundary, and each other, would you recommend? 
I don't want the roots lifting the wall.

Does having the 2 reduce the rate of growth and ultimate height?

Less of an issue (as the bark is the main attraction), but my previous experience with cherry trees has been that the leaves get covered in blackfly, which I can find no way of treating without pesticides (when I have lots of bees I’d rather not harm). Can anyone recommend any treatment for potential black fly, especially as I assume they’ll eventually get to a height where I can’t blast the leaves with a hose?

I've await advice from my intended supplier, but thought I'd best get an objective opinion to avoid future problems.

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