What’s eating my fern?

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My mum has just given me three ferns, as they are going mad in her garden. Two are fine and I’ve planted them in the ground, but this one looks to have been nibbled nearly to nothing. Does anyone have an idea what is the problem, and what I can do about it if it’s not too late? It is just in a pot for transportation, it has been in the ground and I am hoping to add it to one of my shady borders if I can salvage it. Many thanks.

ps sorry, I didn’t mean to post this in the fruit and veg section but it won’t let me delete it! 


  • CeresCeres Posts: 1,682
    It's difficult to come up with a culprit if it/they have all left the scene of the crime. The plant may survive if nothing else attacks it....all you can do is give it some TLC and hope for the best.
  • Thanks @Ceres it looks like the culprit is long gone. There’s no sign of anything. I’ll give it some TLC and hope for the best 🤞🏻🤞🏻
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    It may just have got too dry and the ends have gone brown, fallen off and leaving you with the resulting tatty foliage. Personally I would cut all these fronds off - they are never going to be a thing of beauty, and wait for some new fronds to appear. 
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  • Thank you @hogweed I’ll do that and hope for the best! 
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