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Clematis Mildew

I have never seen or heard of this before, can anyone tell me how to treat clematis mildew on this plant.  It is growing and flowering as it should, but the plant looks sick.  It is growing up a rose against a wall with a wooden trellis.  The plant is roughly four years old and is fed and watered regularly.


  • This sets in when the roots are dry and the plant is stressed. It can be prevented by spraying the fresh green foliage with a sulphur spray, but it is not a cure. Best to strip the affected foliage off and thoroughly drench the roots.
  • Oh heck, I have repeated this question on two separate posts, sorry to confuse.  If I continue to water well and then prune the clematis right down to a few inches when the flowers have finished, will this be a cure @Richard Hodson
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