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Good Afternoon. I apologise in advance if this has been discussed before. I recently moved into a new home and my back garden is (almost all) paving so I want to buy some small Acer Trees to make it look nicer. My question (excuse my lack of knowledge) I want to buy trees that I can just leave in the pot and grow to no more than 4 feet, can I leave the tree in the pot it comes in or will I have to buy a bigger one (what size pot). I am also going to buy some wildlife friendly flowers and plant them in the small border area I have, but again can these, if necessary, be left in the pot (Salvia Caradonna, Aster Frikartii Monch and Scabia Flutter Deep Blue) I am knew to gardening and watched the show Friday re Carol hence these flowers. Any advice is appreciated and Thank you in advance. Sean 


  • Welcome to this forum @seanblackmetal6666 and I applaud your desire to grow some wild flowers in a border.  I would strongly recommend that you plant your wild flower plants directly into the soil, which should be cleared of all weeds and roots but without adding any thing to enrich the soil as wild flowers will grow best in poor untreated soil.  You don't give a size for your border but be sure that the plants you buy will not be too big for the border - most wild flower plants will drop seed after flowering so you will soon end up with more plants than you started with.  Keep the plants watered but not drowning them. Enjoy the colour, the bees and butterflies that will be attracted to them and the satisfaction of making something interesting.
    The acers don't like windy sites, and would prefer to be planted directly into soil and if you do want to keep them in a pot, buy the biggest (at least 2 ft tall and wide) you can afford and preferably not plastic. In the far corner of this picture is one of the acers we have in a large pot.  The acer was small when we first got it but soon filled this large pot.
    Good luck with your projects @seanblackmetal6666
  • Good Afternoon. Thank you for your advice and photo. My garden is tiny and the border is less than a metre by 3 metres hence keeping the Acers in pots. Thank you Sean 
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