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Hi all
I want to add some design to my small garden and need some help on a few different items. The grass part is 5mx5m south facing garden with the eastern fence shared with the neighbour. The western fence is mine.
1) I would like to add a climbing plant on the eastern side but since the fence is wooden so i am planning to add a trellis a few inches away from the fence. Hence i am thinking of a metal fence that I can dig into the ground. Your thoughts?
2) I would like to plant a climbing hydrangea but worried if the position might be too much sun for it, especially during summers. Your thoughts?
3) Alternatively, I also like climbing roses but wondering if they actually flower and look as spectacular they shown in photos. Also I have a couple of rose plants at the moment, and they both seem to be very susceptible to various bugs and needs a lot of looking after. i worry a climbing rose will only multiply this problem...any suggestions you can offer on a less-problematic climbing rose variety?
Any other plant suggestions are also welcome.



  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    As with all design posts a photo is helpful. Also soil type, how much gardening you like to do, style of planting I. e. Cottage, formal, shrubs etc.
    Climbing hydrangeas are slow starters but once they start they will grow up to 70ft so be prepared for a lot of pruning on a 6ft high fence. 
    Roses also take a few years to look spectacular so not good if you are an impatient gardener 
    David Austin roses are usually healthy so just keep an eye out for greenfly which you can either rub off or blast with a hose.
    I'm a great fan of clematis so have a look at Thorncroft website and Taylor's website
  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,518
    Hydrangeas do like water and prefer a little bit of shade.
    If you want something vigorous that can be hacked back without causing too much damage, lonicera Halliana is a good bet. Smells gorgeous. Jasmine is a good climber and can also be cut back hard if it gets above itself and tries to take over.
    You don't actually need to grow a "climber" against a fence as there area lot of shrubs that will do the work and look good all year. I have a cotoneaster that is tied in to a is evergreen, has white flowers in June, and red berries during the winter. It's probably Cotoneaster x watereri 'John Waterer'. Pyracantha can give the same effect. Both of these can be kept neat and will not take over a small space, plus they attract insects like bees and butterflies.

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,399
    Trachelospermum jasminioides... fabulous scent, neat and evergreen, not too rampant, and pretty adaptable as long as the site is reasonably sheltered.
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