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Hi all

Im a bit of a novice when it comes to gardening...ive spent the last 2 years buying pretty flowers and shrubs from the garden centre and chucking them in the ground...I think its ok so far, but i could do with some ideas for a new bed as I'm al out of ideas...its a 3m x 1m piece of ground behind my fence which is's next to my kitchen and i want it to look good all year round. Does anyone know of any good apps, books or websites where i can look. So far, i think ive just been lucky but i really have the bug now!!! Ive attached pictures of what ive done so far along with the other half patiently doing the landscaping to bring my ideas to fruition.  


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,080
    go and look at some gardens. Better than apps or books. Lots open for NGS, Village Charities etc
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 5,207
    Good work, it's looking very nice  :) Sorry if l'm being a bit dense, but is the area you're talking about included in any of those photos? 
    If not, you could post one on here and l'm sure there will be suggestions!  What sort of flowers/colours were you thinking of, and what is the soil like ?
    A bit more info might help to point you in the right direction  :)
  • No ...sorry..this the area....we are blessed with good soil so anything will grow!! Excuse the junk!!
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    You could pretend it's an art installation  :)
    It looks quite sunny there, although l know at other times of the year it could be pretty shady. Normally for year round interest l would suggest some shrubs as a backdrop,  but if it's only 1 metre wide that would really be too narrow. You could plant climbers up against the fence, using trellis or wires perhaps.
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