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deswalshdeswalsh Posts: 43

I have been sent in error Vitax liquid seaweed-the Vitax Growmore general fertilizer has been re-ordered .

As the supplier has advised that I may keep the seaweed, would it be ok to use the two products separately, especially as many of my bedding plants are being eaten.

If so, presumably I could mix the two together?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,319
    It's best not to mix them together, use them separately with a few days between.
    Some of the ingredients of one of the products may chelate (make them unavailable to plants) ingredients in the other - it would also probably make the feed too strong.
    Seaweed extract is very good and contains trace nutrients vital for plant health. I use seaweed extract on most of my fruit and veg every 10-14 days
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