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Heuchara Palace Purple problem

Hi,  I have the above plant in two borders.  They look very healthy at the beginning of the season with lovely purple leaves.  However, as the season progresses the leaves have what I would describe as like a scorched look spoiling the whole plant..  I am puzzled because Heuchara Palace Purple is supposed to be happy in a sunny position which mine is (morning sun).  Any advice.


  • I have a drift of them in a fairly sunny position and have the odd scorched leaf, but they are currently looking gorgeous and in bloom. It sounds to me like the wrong location for them or maybe not getting enough water. Heucheras can be quite thirsty in hot weather. Maybe add a picture to illustrate the levels of scorching. 
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    Check that they are not being attacked by vine weevil larvae. These burrow into the roots just below ground level and before you know it, you have a row of dead plants.
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