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Honeysuckle - Hard Prune

I moved my poorly situated Honeysuckle to a better location just over two months ago. I think the move has stressed it and it’s looking very limp, weak and all the leaves are wilting. I’ve continued to ensure it’s getting plenty of water, but just wondered if maybe I should give it a hard prune by way of ‘restoring/reviving’ it. I appreciate this may result in little or no blooms next season, but also wondered if now would be a good time to do it? Any thoughts greatly received! 👍🏼


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,102
    I would cut it hard back ... give it plenty of water through the summer and it'll probably put on lots of growth and you'll get at least some blooms next year... Yes, definitely chop it back ... I'd cut it down to knee height and give it a watering, a bit of Fish Blood and Bone and a mulch of something organic ... compost/leaf mould/composted bark ... that sort of thing.
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  • Ok thanks for responding! Will give it go....anything is better than the sorry state it looks at the mo! 
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