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Strange plant that has appeared in my flower garden

prattmtnprattmtn Posts: 2
I have a new plant that popped up.  I didn't plant it.  Very large leaves with a strong main stem and very large leaves.  Along the stem at leaf bracts a small insignificant yellow flower blooms.  I am afraid it is something bad so am cutting off the seed pods before they mature.  Can you help identify it.  Is is almost 2 feet tall now .      firelookout


  • prattmtnprattmtn Posts: 2
    I figured it out.  Looked in  my Readers Digest wildflower guide for North America and it is a horrible plant.  Glad I picked off seed pods before they matured.
    It is Velvetleaf   Abutilon Theophrasti  Seeds can live in soil for up to 60 years.  Not in my yard anymore
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