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Talkback: The world's favourite rose

I'm so glad I bought "Graham Thomas" just after he died - to commemorate him, as most of my plants in my garden had been recommended by him in his books, which I still find invaluable. Mine too is about 1.5 metres and is very florific.


  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to blog this but - strange request - I'm trying to decide on a name for the yellow labrador puppy who will shortly be making his home with us. I'd love a name that reflects our interest in nature/gardening. He was born in July so I wondered about a July yellow flowering plant/tree. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • Sweet idea! I can only think of herby things right now - like Basil and Parsley. We have a chocolate labrador that was very nearly called Senna (after Ayrton, not the plants, in fact), but he's ended up as Merlin.
  • Thanks for responding. I can't disassociate Basil with Faulty Towers and wouldn't want to be confused with Sybil as I call the dog in the park! Will put Parsley to other half for vetting (no pun intended!)It's much easier to think of a name for a female dog but I have great faith in the Gardeners' World bloggers to help me out!! Thanks again.
  • How about GT for your dog's name? Pronounced 'geety' it fits nicely with the blog on the world's favourite rose 'Graham Thomas', abbreviated to GT. Also, the rose and the labrador are both yellow!
  • Our Lilac tree and next doors has gone brown and withered ,its about 10 to 20 years old and started to flower fine but then went brown and withered including the blooms that were just about to flower .We have another lilac that is going the same way a 100 feet away . What to do please and what is it (blight I am told is black ? ) not brown .
  • Graham Stuart Thomas kindly gave my father some free advice on his new garden back in the 70s. My own first Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’ which I was growing as a climber struggled for some time. Then suddenly it came to life and bloomed prodigiously. I rang my father to tell him. 'Funny' he said, 'we buried him last week'.
  • don't you just love all Roses, perfume, shape, colour, and now that there are continuing flowering types who could ask for any thing more. scumptious.
  • Advice is given to prune plum trees in June/July. How is this possible without wasting the fruit that the tree was grown for, as it is now August and I have just finished picking the crop.
  • Reply to John:

    Yes, I'l be picking my 'Victoria' plums soon, but I think you may be confused about what summer pruning plums is all about.

    I'm not sure what advice you refer to, but please always refer to a reliable source, like Gardeners' World. Summer pruning simply involves shortening all new leaf shoots, and does NOT involve cutting off stems carrying fruit.

    By pinching out the tips of all new leaf shoots through the season back to about 5 leaves you encourage the buds at the base of these shoots to produce flowers in future years.

    More major branch pruning can also be done to large trees over summer, but this could clearly remove some fruits.

    The reason plums are only pruned in summer and not winter is to avoid spread of silver leaf disease. This disease can spread into wounds and pruning cuts in winter, but for some reason isn't a major problem associated with summer pruning.

    I hope this helps.
  • I bought 'Graham Thomas'rose last year and it is such a delight. Everything it promised to be. Such a rich yellow too.
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