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Frogs below decking

phildigphildig "New home with a lot of gardening to do!"Posts: 55
Hello and thank you for reading this message.
An area of decking in the garden of a new home we have moved into is mainly rotten and requires replacement. Part of the decking is double height / raised. When clearing away a normal level part of the rotten decking, there have been numerous frogs. The entire space underneath the decking appears to be a habitat for frogs.
The plan is to replace the entire lot of decking and have all at the same level instead of part raised. But has anyone come across frogs living underneath and if so does anyone have any experience of how to go about renewing the decking to leave the frogs' habitat intact and how to create a suitable habitat below the new decking?
Thank you.


  • PosyPosy Isle of Wight.Posts: 3,601
    They are looking for somewhere cool and damp. If you want to preserve them I imagine it would be best to replace the decking in early Spring when they are all making off for the pond. Then they can come back to shelter under the new stuff.
  • phildigphildig "New home with a lot of gardening to do!"Posts: 55
    Thank you for the replies Philippa and Posy.
    Not aware of a pond nearby but new to the area and do not know nearby gardens. There is a broken and disused water fountain which had large pebbles underneath and a pool of water, and where it appears the Queen frog, if there is such a thing, was housed up with larger chums.
    Plan so far is to replace decking bit by bit, and build as part of first new bit a submerged pond covered over mainly and half under the first new area of decking. They'll have somewhere to go to then meaning the broken fountain can come out.
    Predictably, they'll be hopping mad if there's no new home!
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