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Liz-cookeLiz-cooke Posts: 9
I have this succulent which has now finished flowering, I didn’t even realise they did that!!! Just wondered what I should do with it now as it is looking messy and leggy. Should I just take off the smaller plants and pot up separately and forget the flowering stem? Any advice would b very helpful thanks deredc


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,466
    It looks like an Aeonium of some sort.
    I would take off the flowering spike.
    The two shoots I would also remove,leave the cut ends to callous over for a few days and then pot up in a gritty cactus compost.
    Clean off all dead leaves etc.
    The plant left in the pot may shoot out again after the 'beheading'.If it does I would then repot it also in cactus compost.
    ...and well done for getting it to flower,none of mine have yet!!
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  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,040
    Shame you kept it indoors as the bees love the flowers. I think the branching aeoniums survive flowering but some die off afterwards and you need to take cuttings or collect seed to propagate them. One of mine flowered for months last summer then promptly died. They put all their energy into flowering and making seed apparently. I'd take those 2 shoots as cuttings and carry on growing them the same way as they obviously enjoy it.
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