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Rose Identification

hi - I have inherited a rose in my new garden and wondered if anyone could identify it. It hasn't been pruned for a good few years so is quite leggy. The blooms start off in a conical shape and gradually open a few petals at a time over a week or so, the central part remaining very conical. When finally fully open they are enormous, small dinner plate size and nicely fragrant. As they fade they take on a purplish hue. Can anyone confirm if it's a hybrid tea, old English or other, and even if they know the variety. it is simply stunning and will be looked after going forwards. Many thanks


  • I have hybrid tea climbing Dearest. It looks like that but mine being in South Devon has just finished its first flush. Highly fragrant and good in a vase. Our rose expert Mariolena May see your post and give advise. The only problem I have is that mine doesn’t go bluish when old. Val
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,158
    @Marlorena may be able to assist? 
  • thanks both, I've added a couple more pictures so you can see the size of the blooms and what I mean by a purplish hue to the fading ones. I've looked at images of Dearest roses and mine is a much darker pink and they don't fully open to show the stamens.
    many thanks
  • Hi, have a look at Wendy Cussons maybe that’s the one. I could have got them mixed up. Hopefully someone will see the post who is an expert and help you out. Val 

  • hi Valerie - I think you might be right with Wendy Cussons, everything fits apart from the size of the blooms, my RHS book says 5in but mine are 7 to 8 inch, perhaps it's just a bumper year :) thank you for your help. 
  • Joy*Joy* Posts: 571
    Before I saw the other posts I thought it was Wendy Cussons too.
  • My Wendy Cussons was huge
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