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Brachyglottis Senacio

I have a senacio plant in a sunny / partial shade spot in my garden. It’s taken from a plant in my mum’s garden, which continues to yellow flower profusely each summer. My flowered first year in, now no flowers for the past three years - despite otherwise looking super healthy. Any thoughts on why it’s reluctant to bloom?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Could it be that it is not getting enough sun? They are great plants for foliage and can grow well in semi-shade, but the flowers are not usually the highlight. It may just need more sun on very free draining soil to get it to flower more.
  • *Mine*
  • Thanks Borderline. It’s in a west-facing spot that’s in the sun from from mid-morning onwards. Wondering whether perhaps the soil’s too rich or poor, acid or alkaline, etc?
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    They do best on free draining soil. If you have regularly fed the soil or you garden on a clay based soil, it's very likely they will just put on more leaf. I'm assuming you have not pruned them in the last 2 years. Sometimes, pruning back at the wrong time can lead to no flowers. Provided you lightly pruned them last year, no later than autumn, they should flower this year.
  • ‘Tis clay-based soil - and it is very leafy!
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