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Dying Viburnum Nudum?

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my viburnum - over the last couple of weeks the leaves have been wilting, now they are turning crispy and falling off. It is in a large container and is east facing; the soil is moist and it has been fed. I can't see any bugs on it. Thanks


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    Viburnums are difficult to keep in containers, even if the containers are big. The photos don't show the full size and the size of the container. I'm guess the shrubs are struggling in the containers. Watering is most likely the issue. They are either growing in containers too small for the size of shrub or the roots are too warm. They prefer cool surroundings with a bit of sun.
  • medea21medea21 Posts: 16
    Thanks Borderline - that's a job for the weekend then; find somewhere to plant them.

    Thanks so much
  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,287
    Scrape the bark on a branch and see if it looks healthy?
    I do not know a lot about viburnum diseases but just looked it up and found one they are susceptible to is something that fits the description and photos you have posted.
    Botryosphaeria canker. It says that drought stressed shrubs are more prone so although you may have watered it might still affect them, it has been so hot and dry.
    This link is not the greatest but is the description.
    You may want to find it on other sources.
    Scroll down to the heading Bark and branches.

    Also check the soil for something like vine weevil grubs ating the roots?

  • medea21medea21 Posts: 16
    Thanks Rubytoo, I shall do all of these things - I love my viburnum berries in the Autumn - it would be such a shame to lose it

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