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When to take Pelargonium cuttings

kc.sdickc.sdic Posts: 91
Whilst I know you can take these at any time, I want to know when to take them so that I only have a small plant to overwinter indoors. I got a pretty small plant mailorder in March and it is now a wonderful sized plant on my table outside. My problem is having no greenhouse and not much room indoors. So do these plants kind of go dormant indoors through the winter or do they keep growing and therefore  I want to leave taking cuttings until September? This year I have taken osteospermum cuttings now so  that I have a reasonable sized plant to overwinter indoors because the past few years it has taken the whole summer for the plant to grow big enough to finally give me some flowers in September!! However,  overwintered small Penstemon cuttings on the other hand have grown quite quickly into lovely sized plants. Live and learn. I did invest in a small plastic growhouse last winter but both covers ripped so I am concentrating on finding room indoors for the few plants I need each year. 


  • pitter-patterpitter-patter Posts: 2,362
    You can take pelargonium cuttings in September/October, before the frosts, and keep them in a glass of water until they root and then plant them in small pots. They do grow over the winter and flower quite early the next year. 
  • kc.sdickc.sdic Posts: 91
    Thanks for that Pitter Patter sounds easier than most. I just didn't know if they would grow through the winter. The Osteospermum and Penstemon cuttings didn't really do anything all winter after they rooted they just sat on my windowsill until the spring. 
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