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Prune A Shrub Rose

Kate.harriKate.harri Posts: 44
I am hopeless at pruning a shrub rose. I have no idea what an outward/inward bud looks like. I have two new shrub roses from David Austin, Sceptered Isle and Brother Cadfial.
Not the cheapest, they are for two sisters who passed suddenly. The roses are kept in pots.
Images would be great.


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    edited July 2019
    David Austin's website has information on pruning that may help you.
    Pruning isn't done till next March so maybe your question is a bit early but if you look at a stem then it will have a little pointy bud on  it some grow on the outside and point outside some point into the middle of the bush. The aim is to get growth away from the middle so air can circulate so you always cut to a bud that points away from the bush not into the bush.
    There are many videos on YouTube  dealing with roses
  • Kate.harriKate.harri Posts: 44
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