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Honey fungus

Anticipatory thanks for any help! Ive just discovered some orange mushrooms next to one the trees on the side of the house, did a google search with scary results - is is honey fungus? Ive tried to do the scratch test although did it above the surface, it does not look bad to me but I'm a novice. Tree is not in a bad shape, perhaps a few bold branches, but 10 ms to the left I had a few trees dying (a conifer, a ? cherry, a rhododendron not looking very well etc). 20-30 m to the right in the back garden we had 1 sycamore falling, and 1 elderflower dying now, it fell on one side with roots exposed, still green but probably on its way out. We've got the property for the last 2-3 years only, some of the above mentioned plants were already in a bad shape... I wonder if it is a fungal problem or just generally the life cycle of some old trees etc. As you can imagine I am pretty much a newbie in gardening!


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,193
    Well, whether it’s honey fungus or some other fungus, it’s not very good news for your tree.

    Any fungus growing out of the trunk of a tree is a sign that the tree’s days are numbered.

    One sign of honey fungus is black “bootlaces” in the soil around the tree. They aren’t always very numerous or very large, but if you find anything like black plastic strings in the earth they are probably the underground part of honey fungus.

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