Any ideas what to do with this huge garden!?

First time posting 🙂
does anyone have any diy ideas to make this garden look a bit nicer!? I’m 21F but live with my dad so he would be able to help with somethings, garden is approx 120feetx60ft give or take. We also have an embankment that I was thinking about putting steps in 


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,931
    What a wonderful garden. First thing I would do is put a seat on top of your 
    embankment especially if you have a view the other side.

    What kind of gardens do you like? formal, informal, traditional ie cottage garden, prairie planting? an open expanse, a series of 'rooms? Perhaps the first thing to do is go look at other gardens or read books and find out what you like. Then you can start to make a plan - even if it is only in your head. 

    It can be quite a daunting experience to be faced with a 'blank canvas', however much I hate that phrase. It may be worth it to have a chat with a garden designer. They will help to clarify your ideas, suggest the best place to put things etc. If you say that all you need are ideas for a long term plan, and perhaps just some sketch plans, it should not cost a lot of money. 

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  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Todmorden, West YorksPosts: 5,306
    That looks lovely!  Great to have a background of trees, rather than other people's houses...

    Think about what you'll need in your garden, early on in the planning process.  Somewhere to hang washing, for example... a compost heap?  Fruit bushes or trees?  A veggie plot?  Somewhere to sit, in the sun or shade?

    Also, make sure you know where any manhole covers are, so they don't interfere with your plans.  And don't forget to look up...  that will avoid you doing what I did once, which was to plant a tree directly below the electricity feed wires...

    It's very exciting.  I'm about to do the same, moving to a "blank canvas" in Ireland.  Take your time - providing you keep the grass cut, it won't get out of hand in the meantime - and you can tackle it a bit at a time.   :)
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    @hogweed thanks for your reply! Sadly on other side of embankment is dual carriageway but with beautiful scenery on other side of road, was thinking about maybe putting tiers in embankment... defo been trying to take inspiration from other people’s garden I’m just not very imaginative 🙈 trying to imagine where stuff would suit in garden.. not really sure what gardens I like 🤔pretty ones I guess 😂 just wanted some more plants/flowers beds and seating areas to fill the garden a bit better I suppose 
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    @Liriodendron thanks for your reply! We have a wirleygig (however it’s spelled 🙈😂) there’s a bit more of the garden not in pics.. think I was looking. For some flower beds, somewhere to sit in sun as we have patio but it’s almost always in shade... not so good about planting the tree under electric wires 🙈😂luckily our garden is free of all that! Has anyone had any experience putting your of small amount of patio in? 
  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Todmorden, West YorksPosts: 5,306
    I built a circular patio in my current (sloping) garden - but cheated, really.  I levelled the circle and built a retaining wall, but chickened out of laying a paving circle, and used weed-proof fabric and gravel instead.   :)  One thing I do know about laying circular patios, though, I learned from my son...  always start at the centre and work out.  He started from the outside, having set everything out very carefully, but found there wasn't enough room left for the central stone...   :s

    Unless you're very strong (and pretty handy mixing cement etc), you'd probably be better off paying someone to do the patio, to be honest.

    @hogweed's suggestion of finding a garden designer and paying for an initial consultation could be good - and not too expensive just for a sketch plan.  
    "The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life."  Rabindranath Tagore
  • lilmissykat1lilmissykat1 Posts: 10
    @Liriodendron Do you have a picture of your patio!? I live with my dad and he is really strong so would be able to help with those bits... might look into a garden designer as well! Thanks guys! 
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 2,269
    If it was mine I'd dig a big wildlife pond and grow lots of fruit.  And plant hedgerows of hazel, hawthorn and elder to support wildlife.  And I'd have two ornamental trees I love but they're too big for my small urban garden:  Liriodendron tulipifera and Indian bean tree.
  • HexagonHexagon Posts: 635
    I remember seeing a circular patio kit somewhere like Home Bargains or B&M for £50. Probably twice the price in somewhere like B&Q.
  • lilmissykat1lilmissykat1 Posts: 10
    @josusa47 thanks for your reply! Unfortunately I have 2 dogs and a cat so don’t think the pond would be a good idea, sounds amazing tho! 
  • lilmissykat1lilmissykat1 Posts: 10
    @Hexagon thanks for your reply! Aww that would be amazing! Love b and m! 😂 dangerous place to venture into I always come out with half the shop! 🙌😂
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