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Powdery mildew on oak tree leaves

I've returned from a two week holiday to find a powdery white mildew spreading across my oak tree. The tree had to be heavily cropped last year after losing a large bough, and the mildew seems to be affecting the new growth. Are there any fungicides which will help get rid of it? I can't seem to find much online. 
Thank you


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,088
    Oak trees often seem to get mildew ... it looks a bit unsightly but I don’t think it does any real harm. 

    I am am seriously concerned about the use of fungicides ... I was reading an article the other day which stated that fungal conditions are becoming resistant to fungicides in the way that bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. The article said that this means that previously  merely nuisance fungal conditions are causing huge health problems with serious possible outcomes. Does this mean that the day may come when we could die from incurable thrush or athlete’s foot?!?! 

    Fungicides have been used a great deal in agriculture and horticulture, as antibiotics were in farming ... I think we may be laying up a store of trouble for the human race if we continue to use them
    at the current rate. 

    Sorry to have gone off down this side road but I’ve been meaning to post about this for several days now and I just remembered. 

    Im sorry your oak has mildew, but as I said I’m sure it will recover. Powdery mildew often affects plants which are susceptible due to stress, and a lot of trees are still feeling the effects of last year’s drought followed by an unusually dry winter. 


    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • MintteaMinttea Posts: 16
    Thank you  fingers crossed it'll be ok!
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,088
    😊 🤞 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,210
    I'm sure it will, @Minttea.  We have oak trees in the park behind our house here, and most years some of the new foliage gets mildew around this time.  They're doing fine.   :)
    Since 2019 I've lived in east Clare, in the west of Ireland.
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