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Help - my new tantalised soft wood gates are covered in black spots of mould - is it safe?

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Help  - my new tantalised soft wood gates are covered in black spots of mould - is it safe?
The suppliers say its harmless and expected but they cost a lot of money and i didn't expect them to go mouldy within 6 months - how can i ensure it not harmful or destructive?


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    I recommendyou have a read of all th einfo on tanalised wood and its care on this link - 
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    According to they say that after dipping  any excess preservative is drained, the timber is dried. It's at this stage that evaporating liquid leaves deposits on the surface of the timber.

    These look like green/blue speckles (the same colour as the preservative) and can easily be mistaken for mould. Although when compared side by side, the difference between these speckles and mould is very apparent.

    There's no need to worry as the speckles will disappear over time as the timber weathers. Alternatively, they can be removed either by pressure washing or light sanding.

    During packing or storage, mould does sometimes occur if there isn't adequate air circulation. Again, this is nothing to be concerned about. The mould is only on the surface and not detrimental to the wood.

    To remove it, just wipe with a damp cloth, brush or pressure wash the surface. You can also be reassured that when the product is assembled and in the open air, the mould will not return.

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