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Dwarf Lilac Palibin question

smilerftmsmilerftm Posts: 4
I recently planted this shrub in May and since have fed it and watered it as recommended but there has been no signs of growth at all and the leaves are all curling up. Is there anything I need to do or will it eventually bed in and start growing?
Pics of the leaves curling shown below


  • smilerftmsmilerftm Posts: 4

  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,584
    edited July 2019
    We have had some very hot weather and you might not have watered it enough. Sorry I cannot make out the detail very well but it looks a bit scorched to me.

    Is it in a bed or border , does the grass go right up to the trunk?
    If it is in the lawn it could do with a cleared space around it.

    Have a little scraped of the bark on a small branch and see if it looks healthy and green underneath.

    Do the twigs snap as if dead?

    Hopefully it is just the heat that has made it a little sad.
    Ours is big and old, but I think they do take a little time to settle in.
    When they make new growth they are not a fast growing shrub from my experience, and they are a miniature kind of Lilac so small and slower I think.

    What soil is it in and on the opposite end of the range you have not over watered it?

  • smilerftmsmilerftm Posts: 4
    It's definitely not dead, the lawn does go right up to the trunk and it grows very quickly, probably quicker at the base of the plant than anywhere else on the lawn. I'll try clearing the lawn away from the base of the plant by about 8cm or so and put some more compost down there and see if that helps
  • smilerftmsmilerftm Posts: 4
    As you can see in this pic the grass around the base is longer than other parts of the lawn. It's definitely watered enough and it hasn't been that hot up here in the N.E.
    The pH tester thing we have says the soil is around 5-6 (slightly closer to 5)

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Your shrub is probably suffering from wind scorch. The positioning seems too exposed for a young shrub that size. Normally, they grow low in the ground and slowly mature, so able to adapt over time.

    It's best to grow standards like that against some back protection or near a light canopy of shrubs. Also agree with Rubytoo that the base needs clear space for it grow well. Keep it free of grass competing for water and nutrients.

    In terms of watering a shrub that has been planted in May going into summer, it's very likely your shrub may still not be getting enough water. A bucket full into the base every 3 days in the evening or early morning time. In very hot weather, a bucket per day.
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