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Pruning advice for pillar fruit trees


We purchased some “pillar” fruit trees that are supposed to grow their crops close to the stem and which came with directions that pruning was not necessary.  However instead of growing up they have all grown out instead.

The varieties are:
Cherry “Sylvia” (Prunus avium)
Plum “Black Amber”
Pear “Doyenné du Comice”
Pillar Apple “Braeburn”

Should we atemp to prune them and if so when and how? Or have we maybe done something inadvertently to encourage outward growth?

We’ve had the plants for 3 years and only the apple has ever fruited in that time, 2 apples last year.

Any advide would be appreciated.


  • I have apple, pear and cherry minarette trees and pruning is quite complex. I'm amazed that you were advised not to prune them! Have a look at the growing guides on the Ken Muir website which are comprehensive. 
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