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Black elderberry

i would like to plant a black elderberry bush, just wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a mature one that is already producing berries? And if not, how long it takes to start producing berries from a young plant or root ball? Thank you 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,433
    The national collection of Sambucus is here

    they should be able to provide what you are looking for.  Normally I would not expect to get flowers and fruit until the third year, but they may have a larger one if you ask.

  • SheleenSheleen Posts: 51
    I would suggest the woodland trust... but don't think they offer black elderberry.
    The size of the tree will add to the price, of course... so how big do you want to go?
    If its a HUGE one... then do a search for Barcham nurseries. Trees direct also sell larger examples.... but a lot of more well-known nurseries sell them too (gardening express etc). I hope you find what you're looking for :)
  • PegathaPegatha Posts: 94
    Thank you for your replies, these are very helpful :) 
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