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Feeding Celery

Hey, ive just planted up a load of celery plants , in a trench, im going to keep them wet but what should I feed them with?Apparently they are hungry plants


  • Hampshire_HogHampshire_Hog Posts: 1,089
    Celery, is a bog plant, and very sensitive to any heat and moisture stress so it’s important to keep plants regularly and well watered in hot spells. If plants are in full sun, then some added shade is very beneficial.

    It's a greedy, thirsty crop that needs hummus-rich soil mixed with plenty of manure or Growmore, and bone-meal, and feed every 14 days with compost tea.

    For varieties that are not self-blanching, you may need to insert straw between the plants and wrap the outer plants with brown paper, or cardboard tied around the plant.

    Alternatively, wrap the lower leaves of each plant with cardboard or brown paper tied with string. If they grow above the wrapping, add another cylinder around the plant higher up. Always keep the top leaves exposed.

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