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My lovely rose which has flowered profusely, is suddenly losing all its leaves. I have fed it regularly with rose food, so not sure what the problem is. These are the leaves which are falling off. It obviously has a big problem. 


  • OmoriOmori North YorkshirePosts: 1,659
    That is black spot. You'll want to clear up and dispose of any leaf litter, as it will continue to spread that way.  Give a deep watering, and mulch with bark to prevent splashing back up on to the leaves.  I water my roses weekly (from the base, a deep watering), as they get quite thirsty this time of year, and being dry can contribute to problems as the rose is less able to fight off pests and diseases.  Also make sure there is plenty of air flow around the rose, if possible.
  • snowy43snowy43 Posts: 118
    Thank you. Have given the bush a good soaking. Have some Epsom salts which I read was good for roses. Would this help the bush recover?
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