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Bird of Paradise

AlidonneAlidonne Posts: 41
Hi all

i bought a bird of paradise at the Eden project in Sept 17 when it was quite small. I reported it into a 40cm pot but I recently noticed it was lopsided and has needed lots of water. It lives in my living room by a south facing window. I have put up some tissue paper as a temp measure to protect it ( and my orchids) from the full sun as it can be quite ferocious here in Wales!!!😂😂

Anyway. I repotted the BOP yesterday into a larger container and would like to try and leave it outside over the summer months. Would this kill it?  I don’t intend repotting again for some time now as it’s already the same height as me ( a little over 5 ft)

many thanks


  • I've always put mine outside for the summer and it's been fine, although I've left it indoors for the first time this year because I've potted it on into a pot that's too heavy for me to move!
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