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Yews in pots browning and eventually dying

8000wildflowers8000wildflowers Posts: 278
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I planted some yews in large patio containers 2-3 years ago to make a low hedge / divider.  

I lost a couple and replaced them, and now another is going the same way as in the pic. It browns and doesn’t recover after feeding or cutting the brown areas out.

The yews are quite young. But clearly this a problem that keeps popping up and spreading.
It’s a rusty orangey brown, that gradually spreads all over, not the dull brown type you see in a hedge that usually recovers with a bit of trimming.

Wondering if if this is phytophthora?

ps- apols  for putting this in the wrong category, it’s meant to be a problem but I’m posting in the sunny garden and can hardly see the screen and now can’t see how to move it! 


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,762
    Thirst and hunger more likely. 

    I don't think they make good subjects for pots.  Not enough room for their roots and they'll get hot and cold too easily too.
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  • Thanks.

    I’m thinking of moving them into the garden, to some gaps in the hedge. 
    Which I guess means I can go shopping for some scented flowers / replacements 

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