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Prevent water logging tips

Hi everyone 👋, in the UK and recently had a big downpour of rain which along with the not so good drainage of my garden nearly had my rosemary that’s planted, I’ve since dug it out and put it in a pot to recover. I’ve also put my other rosemary that was in a pot, much healthier and put it in the ground in the others place but added some organic material to try help drainage... clippings, rocks, fresh compost, etc (also any ideas what else I could add would be helpful)

I’ve also raised it a little higher than the last one, just wondering if putting a sheet of plastic around it, buried a little with a few holes in would help prevent future water logging? Or any ideas would help


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,053
    There is an old saying about cutting your coat to suit your cloth and is very apt as far as gardens go. You either accept the natural conditions in your garden and work with them as far as your planting goes, or as in your case, you are trying to grow something that is just not suitable for your conditions. Rosemary needs a dry sunny position with good drainage. And that does not appear to be what you have. If you really want to try growing it in the ground, dig a big hole and mix in lots of grit into the soil. Make sure it is in a sunny position, and then plant. You may be better off just growing it in a terracotta pot if you cannot give it localised better growing conditions. 
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